A Book Pile for the New Year

I’ve never been good at starting just one book and finishing it. In my younger years I saw it as a lack of discipline. Now I see it as merely a growing palette of interests (granted, I may have just become more artistic in my justification). As the New Year dawns, I thought I’d introduce you (in no particular order) to the pile as it currently sits:

Buechner is my literary pastor. If I ever have one paragraph of my writing confused, even for a moment, with his, I’ll have arrived. Not only are his words poetry; they’re wisdom. Gratitude to my sister, Eva, for this gift under the tree.

My first introduction to John Perkins was in college. Really looking forward to reading this. Perkins also wrote one of the two forwards in Eric Mason’s recent book, Woke Church, which I’d highly recommend if you’re interested in how the Gospel speaks to issues of racism and injustice.

I consider my reading of fantasy kinda’ like having a sweet tooth. While I’m by no means a connoisseur (though I did make it all the way to book eleven of The Wheel of Time), I like to always have a fantasy or sci-fi title running on my kindle.

Though I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, I do realize that a dose of Nouwen everyday will do my soul good this year.

Brené Brown’s work has had a deep and abiding impact on my family. In many ways, her research is a kind of compiling and scientificizing (yes, I made that up) of insights that are more spiritually and poetically addressed in writers like L’Engle, Buechner, Dillard, Merton, Manning, Nouwen, etc. I believe we own at least one copy of every book she’s written.

Because the onslaught of polarization in our climate is spreading like a cancer. I find it both incredibly evil and disturbingly difficult to engage.

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