Dear Reader,

If you’d ever heard me speak, you’d know that I’m prone to a distraction or two–to a flicker of thought that causes me to laugh inside or get angry or feel sad. Consequently, I sense this subtle pull to let the audience in on the conversation. Usually (but not always; I’m only human), I resist the urge and bat away the flicker, heeding the warning that spontaneity in preaching often doesn’t go well. Or, I reference something from pop culture or the arts or literature or politics or whatever and then move on, leaving it to the viewer to investigate. But this, too, can cause problems (as in the time I, innocently I might add, spontaneously illustrated my point by referencing snozzberries from Willy Wonka, and then discovered from a congregant who googled it that I’d never leave my kids alone with Roahld Dahl).

The thought occurred to me that maybe I could create a space where these internal dialogues, these connections, these flickers could come to life publicly without causing an oratorical train wreck. So here we are. …Or maybe it’s just me. It seems a bit presumptuous to assume I’ve persuaded you to come along.

There’s no necessary structure to the posts. It’s more like the untangling of my intuitions and musings. Thoughts about life and faith. My thinking isn’t linear. And while I capitulate to the necessity of orderly delivery in preaching, I don’t feel so obliged here.